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Ecopoxy UV-Poxy Kit: A Superior Epoxy Coating

Jun 18

You're searching for an epoxy coating that is durable and reliable. It also lasts? Consider the ecopoxy UV-Poxy kit! This system is made up of two different coatings - an epoxy primer as well as an urethane topcoat. The primer provides a solid foundation, while the topcoat guards against UV damage. This kit will make sure that your surface will be secure for many years!

Ecopoxy UV-Poxy kit

Ecopoxy, a two-part epoxy resin system, consists of one part resin and two parts hardener. It cures to give a clear high-gloss surface, which is very durable and UV resistant. Everything you require to begin is in the kit, including two epoxy resins, stir stick and hardener as well as gloves and mixing cups.

If you want to use the ecopoxy UV kit, mix the two resins together in the provided cup according to the instructions. Mix the resins together and then apply it to your surface with the stir stick included. Let it cure for 24 hours before applying the urethane topcoat. After another 24 hours your surface will be completely protected!

Why EcoPoxy UVPoxy Kit is Used?

EcoPoxy UVPoxy Kit is used to make various eco-friendly products. It's a transparent, high-gloss finish that is extremely durable and UV-resistant. Everything you need to begin comes with the kit including two-part epoxy resin, stir stick, and hardener as well as gloves and mixing cups.

It can be applied to metal, concrete, wood glass, as well as other surfaces. It's perfect for countertops, floors, decks, patios, and other areas that are prone to traffic.

EcoPoxy UVPoxy Kit is a great solution to ensure your investment is protected and make your home or office look amazing at the same time! Buy it today!

If you're looking for an environmentally-friendly and long-lasting epoxy coating, the EcoPoxy UV-Poxy is the best option. It offers many advantages over traditional epoxy systems, for example, the resistance to UV light. With this system, you can paint any surface at home or office with a glossy, clear finish which will last for many years to come.

You can create keychains, coasters, jewelry and much more!

This option is great for those looking to add a little bit of personality to their office or home. With the wide range of colors that are offered, you will be able to find the right shade that will complement your interior.

Where To Buy ecopoxy UV Poxy Kit?

All American Woodworks is the sole distributor of ecopoxy products. You can buy the UV-Poxy ecopoxy kit directly from their website. All American woodworks offers free shipping on orders of more than $100.00. They also offer a wonderful return policy if you are not completely happy with your purchase.

I highly suggest the ecopoxy UV-Poxy kit for anyone seeking a superior epoxy coating system. It's easy to use, reliable and reasonably priced. I am certain that you'll be as happy with the results like I am!

You can find different ideas to use the ecopoxy website. There are many suggestions for making tables with it, and what surfaces you can use it on. You can also buy different colors of ecopoxy so that you have lots of fun with this product!


How can I properly store my ecopoxy?

It is best to store Ecopoxy in a dry and cool area. If it is properly stored, Ecopoxy will last for one year.

What should I mix the ecopoxy?

The directions included in the kit are thorough and easy-to-follow. Before using the resin mix equal quantities of hardener and resin together.

What surfaces can I apply ecopoxy on?

Ecopoxy can be applied to any surface, including wood, metal glass, plastic and wood. It is important to ensure that the surface is clean and free of any dirt before you apply the epoxy.